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Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert

Divorce Real Estate Specialist


A divorce real estate specialist focuses on informing the divorcing homeowners, so they understand the process of property division in a Divorce and can protect their credit and asset value through the process. Items like protecting credit, determining outstanding projects and getting them completed for listing, deciding if one spouse will retain the house and buy the other spouse out, and guiding the divorcing couple about all of the various items that need to be addressed throughout the property division process.

There are many pitfalls that homeowners have run into as a result of gaps in the Divorce process, and it can cost you money in property division equity, as well as drawing out processes that can cost you more in legal and professional fees. Efficiency and collaboration is important to keep things moving forward and minimize stress and delays.

Divorce is stressful, which is why having an educated, experienced, and certified professional to support you through the process is so important. Madelin Espino is a certified divorce specialist. A CDS is one who has completed the Certified Divorce Specialists Program – a comprehensive training for professionals in various industries who wish to provide better services to their divorcing clients. 

What does this mean for Divorcing clients? She has gone above and beyond to make sure she is equipped with unique skills, divorce and real estate specific information to manage a better experience for all parties involved. Mrs. Espino’s goal is to make the process go smoothly for the divorcing couple.

If you are contemplating, or in the midst of a divorce, make sure you work with us. We:

✓ Have a holistic understanding of important legal, financial, mental health and residential implications on the divorce process. 

✓ Know the various stages you will be experiencing based on the type of divorce process you have chosen, such as mediation, collaborative, or litigation.

✓ Understand the implications divorce has on children and are committed to consider their best interest throughout the process. 


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