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Certified Probate Real Estate Expert

Probate Real Estate Specialist


An experienced probate real estate agent understands how selling property during probate proceedings differs from a traditional home sale. When you’re the executor or personal represanetive selling a home during probate, you’re acting in the interest of the decedent’s estate. This means you’ll need to follow state probate laws and any potential directives from the probate court judge when setting the price and, in some cases, the timeline. 

Due to these regulations, probate property sales can be both subtly and significantly different from a traditional home sale. Just how different depends on whether the probate court granted you rights of independent administrators or dependent administration . While waiting for the court authorization, a certified real estate probate agent can help prep the home for sale by assessing the property’s condition, running comparable in your area, determining the home’s value, connecting with cleaning services, contractors, and other vendors. 

If your regular Realtor has never sold probate property, your probate proceedings will go more smoothly if you enlist the help of a certified real estate probate agent. Madelin Espino has many years of experience with the unique challenges faced by individuals trying to sell real estate in the midst of probate proceedings.

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