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The Key to a Successful Short Sale is to hire an experienced Realtor in Miramar. It is no secret that lenders behave differently when an experienced certified Real Estate Agent is involved in the short sale negotiation than when homeowners attempt to process a short sale on their own. 

Lender representatives know that an experienced realtor understands the law and its implications for his/her clients.

A major part of these initial negotiations is the short sale package you’ll need to put together to convince the bank that you are financially unable to pay your mortgage. 

Along with a hardship letter, you’ll need to share all of your financial records with your agent—including all of those overdue notices and other uncomfortable collection documents. 

Since your short sale agent is going to see all of the nitty-gritty details of your difficult financial situation, you need to find someone that you can trust and with whom you will feel absolutely comfortable. 

Madelin Espino is no ordinary realtor. She is real estate professional with over 20 years of experience and with well over 100 short sales completed over the last decade.

The end result of a short sale negotiation using an experienced realtor is that the terms of the deal are more clearly outlined with no room by the lender to change the terms later. 

As a specialist not only does an agent need to know how to process the short sale, head off potential problems before they arise, how to best market your home to the available pool of buyers, but once the property is under contract, they must also keep the buyer apprised of the status of the short sale, and its eventual approval. 

Madelin prides herself on her ability to communicate with clients with utmost transparency and credibility.

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