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Many homeowners in the Homestead area and throughout South Florida have needed to sell their homes under difficult circumstances.  Some are going through a divorce, some need to sell homes that are in probate, and some have decided that a short sale is the best way to avoid foreclosure.  In these types of situations, you need a realtor that specializes in these areas, and that realtor is Madelin Espino, a certified divorce, probate, and short sale real estate specialist with more than 20 years of experience.

During that time, she has helped dozens of clients who were facing the legal challenges of divorce, probate, and foreclosure.  More importantly, she has an appreciation for and an understanding of the complications involved with these circumstances.  She also knows how managing the details of an estate can be an extremely challenging task.  As a result, she has developed close relationships with her many clients and can offer you a clear, concise picture of your options if you’re currently facing any of these situations.

Going through a Divorce and Selling Your Home?

The largest asset in a divorce settlement is usually the couple’s home.  Whether it was purchased 10 to 20 years ago or just recently, this type of property decision can have significant emotional and financial consequences.  As a result, selling your home as part of a divorce settlement can be a difficult process.  Madelin Espino is an experienced, certified real estate divorce specialist in Homestead who understands the complexities of these circumstances.

Selling Your Florida Home during Probate

To say the least, selling a home during the probate process can be intimidating, if not overwhelming.  This isn’t a simple procedure and can put an immense strain on any household.  However, with expert experience and guidance on your side, it won’t be that difficult.  As a knowledgeable probate real estate specialist in Homestead with more than 20 years of industry experience, Madelin Espino understands the probate process that is involved after the passing of a loved one.

Will a Short Sale Help You Avoid Foreclosure?

A short sale refers to the sale of a home for less than the remaining mortgage balance wherein the lender has agreed to accept a reduced amount as your payoff on the loan.  Short sales typically occur when a home’s actual market value falls below the outstanding mortgage balance and the homeowner is at risk of defaulting on the loan.  In many cases, this can be the best solution for the homeowner and their lender.  As your short sale realtor in Homestead, Madelin Espino understands the frustration of no longer being able to make your monthly mortgage payments.

Why should You choose Madelin Espino for Your Real Estate needs?

As Florida’s top-ranked divorce, probate, and short sale real estate specialist, Madelin has helped many clients through the 3 difficult scenarios listed above.  Furthermore, her commitment to a compassionate and patient approach to her clients enables her to provide them with the professional guidance required during the divorce, probate, and short sale process.  The people she helps are more than simply clients; they are like family to her.

As a result, Madelin has spent more than two decades building a business based on communication, dedication, and transparency.  For help with the sale of your home because of divorce or probate, or for assistance with a short sale, call Madelin Espino today at (305) 205-5232.

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