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As one of South Florida’s top-rated real estate professionals, Madelin Espino has over 20 years of experience helping clients sell properties during their divorce settlement, in probate proceedings, or to avoid foreclosure with a short sale.  By specializing in these areas, she can help clients get the most equity and value from the sale of their Miramar properties.  Most importantly, she understands the emotional and financial stress that individuals experience when dealing with these circumstances.

Madelin takes a compassionate approach towards clients and understands the emotional loss and the intricate details involved with a divorce, the death of a loved one, or a short sale.  By working with her from start to finish, you’ll be assured that your concerns, stresses, and worries will be alleviated when selling your home.  No matter the difficulty of your circumstances, Madelin Espino will be there to help.

Are You Selling Your Home as part of Your Divorce Settlement?

Madelin Espino is a certified divorce real estate specialist in Miramar who can help both parties protect their asset and credit value during the dissolution of marriage.  She is skilled at educating and guiding the divorcing couple regarding the different items that must be addressed during the property division process.  A home’s emotional and financial value can make it the most difficult part of a divorce to settle.  Consulting with Madelin will enable you to make a well-informed decision about either buying out your partner or selling the home and splitting the proceeds.

Selling a deceased Loved One’s Home that’s in Probate Proceedings

Florida probate sales can involve a complex and often intimidating process.  Not only is this a difficult procedure, but it can also put a tremendous strain on the entire household.  But with the expert knowledge of a certified probate real estate specialist Miramar like Madelin Espino, the process will be far less challenging overall.  Madelin understands how selling a property that’s in probate differs from traditional real estate sales.  As your Miramar probate real estate specialist, she will always act in the best interests of your deceased loved one’s estate.

Do You need an experienced Short Sale Negotiator?

When you need to sell your home, but you currently owe more than what you could sell it for, you may want to consider a short sale.  But is a realtor needed for this? Yes, but not just any realtor.  You’ll need to work with a short sale real estate agent Miramar that has experience helping homeowners avoid foreclosure.  In Miami, Madelin Espino is the certified short sale negotiations specialist to turn to when you’re facing foreclosure and want a better option than defaulting on your mortgage.  She has more than two decades of experience and has completed more than 100 short sales.

The Benefits of working with Madelin Espino

When you work with Madelin during a divorce, probate, or short sale, she brings over 20 years of experience in South Florida’s competitive housing market to the table. She is a neutral party that has experienced these situations firsthand and can help you avoid making costly mistakes.  With her knowledge and skills, you’ll have a much greater chance of realizing a return on your investment.  If you’ve been searching for the best solution for any of the circumstances mentioned above, contact Madelin Espino today at (305) 205-5232.

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