Selling a Home Amidst a Divorce

Divorce can be messy…Selling your home shouldn’t be!

During divorce proceedings there are many concerns that homeowners face that can dramatically reduce their net recovery. For example:

  • How much is the home truly worth?
  • How should the proceeds be divided after the sale?
  • Which is the best title company to handle the transaction?
  • How can tax or construction liens be released?
  • Would it be better to simply buy out the interest of the co-owner?
  • How to deal with interests of other family members in the home?

In divorce cases, emotions run high and the parties’ ability and willingness to reach an agreement may be severely compromised. It’s critical to inform and guide the divorcing homeowners so they understand the process of property division and can protect their credit and equity through the process. Protecting the parties’ credit, wiping out liens and other clouds on title, properly and timely listing the property, and determining which spouse will retain the house or refinance and buy out the other spouse’s interest are just some of the considerations to proactively address throughout the property division process.

Similar concerns exist following the death of a loved one and during the ensuing court probate proceedings to liquidate their estate, including any properties owned by the deceased. In probate cases the bereaved experience a difficult time with funeral arrangements and their emotional loss. Like in divorce proceedings, handling all the real estate issues in probate matters requires specialized knowledge, and an exceptionally compassionate approach by the chosen realtor to navigate all the emotional elements.

While waiting for the court authorization, it’s particularly helpful to work with a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist who can help prepare the home for sale by assessing the property’s condition, obtaining comparable sales and listings in the area to determine the home’s value, contracting cleaning services, contractors, and other qualified vendors. This will alleviate the burden and provide much needed support during this difficult time.  The goal should be to make life easier when it comes to selling or buying a home, through Expert Advice and Exceptional Results.

Divorce and Probate is stressful enough, and even overwhelming at times. Having an educated, experienced, and certified real estate professional to support you through these processes is critical. It’s important to work with someone who has a profound understanding of all legal, financial, mental health and residential implications of the divorce and probate process. The ultimate goal should be to keep things moving forward in order to minimize stress and delays.

Your law firm and your clients will be far more comfortable knowing that they will have the assistance of a qualified and certified real estate professional to ensure that all the necessary steps are taken to properly sell any properties during a divorce or probate proceeding for their maximum value.  The goal is to keep the law firm and the clients well informed and empowered to make the best decisions with respect to the sale of any real estate, which will, in turn, shed a very positive light on their counsel.

Quite simply, it shouldn’t be about the homes sold, but the relationships built!

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