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Madelin Espino is a certified divorce, probate, and short sale real estate specialist with over two decades of industry experience in these matters.  As a highly educated and knowledgeable divorce realtor in Weston, probate realtor in Weston, and short sale realtor in Weston as Madelin understands the complexities involved in these matters when it comes to the sale of properties in the greater Miami area.  In her 20+ years as a realtor, she has helped hundreds of clients in these situations.

By helping clients navigate these difficult circumstances, she has learned to appreciate and understand the challenges and difficulties of managing an estate when dealing with the emotional and financial components of divorce, probate, and short sales.  She not only cares deeply for her clients and their situations; she is committed to providing them with a clear and concise picture of the options available to them in their situations.  The bottom line is that you can always rely on Madelin Espino to get the job done for you.

Are You Selling Your Home due to Divorce?

As a divorce real estate specialist in Weston, Madelin focuses on explaining the property division process to the divorcing couple to help them protect their asset and credit value.  She helps them with other aspects of their circumstances such as getting outstanding projects completed before listing the home and guiding them through the various things that must be addressed when dividing their property.  This is all very important when divorcing couples are trying to decide whether one person should buy the other out or sell the home and split the proceeds.

Do You need to Sell a Home that’s in Probate Proceedings?

As a probate real estate specialist in Weston with over two decades of industry experience to her credit, Madelin Espino understands how the sale of property during probate proceedings is very different from traditional property sales.  While you’re waiting for the court to authorize the sale of the home, Madelin can help you prep the home for sale by:

  • assessing the condition of the property
  • connecting with cleaning companies, contractors, and vendors as needed
  • running comp’s in the area to determine a selling price

Enlisting the services of a probate specialist realtor in Weston like Madelin will ensure that the sale of property in probate will go as smoothly as possible.

Should You consider a Short Sale?

Many homeowners who can no longer keep up with their monthly mortgage payments often turn to the short sale process instead of getting foreclosed on.  Short sales occur when a homeowner needs to sell their home, but they owe more than what they can sell it for.  Consequently, hiring a short sale real estate agent in Weston like Madelin Espino is the key to a successful outcome.  She’ll help you put together a short sale package including a hardship letter for the lender that will convince them that you’re no longer able to pay your monthly mortgage payments.

What separates Madelin Espino from other Realtors?

Madelin has a multi-faceted background in business development, customer service, and real estate.  Through her education and experience, she has separated herself from other realtors by becoming a certified divorce realtor, probate realtor in Weston, and short sale realtor in Weston.  For more information about how she can help you in any of the above situations, call Madelin Espino at (305) 205-5232 today.

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