Why is it important to hire a Certified Short Sale Real Estate Agent?

Knowing you can depend on your real estate agent to navigate through the process of a short sale is crucial. Certified Short Sale Real Estate Agents can make an absolute difference when getting the lender to approve.


Short Sales only make up a fraction of the real estate transactions and most agents will have little or no experience.


Certified Short Sale Real Estate agents have navigated the difficult terrain with lenders and have established pre-existing relationships that are invaluable when it comes down to securing approvals.


These individuals will have inside knowledge of what each bank is looking for in terms of paperwork, and the best way to make your appeal.


Madelin Espino and her team of professionals have years of experience, they understand the distress market, and have built a solid rapport with many lenders.


Over the years, she has built a book business with of first-time home buyers and investors who will make an offer on your property and can close in a short period of time.


If you find yourself having to sell your home in a short sale, look no further. Madelin Espino is here for you.  Madelin and her team of professionals will help you navigate the rocky terrain of the short sale process by minimizing your concerns and any stress associated with the sale of the home. Madelin will guide you every step of the way.

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