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Madelin Espino

Madelin brings to every new client her breadth of experience in divorce, probate and foreclosure real estate matters.

Madelin is a certified probate, divorce, short sale and foreclosure real estate agent, with over two decades of experience. She has worked with many clients who have been in the midst of a divorce, a probate proceeding after the death of a loved one, a short sale and a residential foreclosures, who need to sell one or more properties. She understands the legal difficulties involved in the process of divorce, probate, and foreclosure. However, Madelin also appreciates and understands the added complexity and duties of the estate when dealing with the emotional component of a dissolution of marriage, the loss a family member, or the frustration of being unable to pay your mortgage, which can leave anyone feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

Having helped so many clients through these difficult situations, Madelin understands that managing details of the estate can be a challenging responsibility. She cares deeply about the people she works with and is committed to a compassionate and patient approach, that provides her clients much needed guidance through the process of divorce, probate and foreclosure. Madelin’s commitment to her clients is to offer them a clear picture of all their options so that they feel confident making the best decision every step of the way, no matter the difficulty of the process they may face. From start to finish, Madelin will there to help you. If you are facing a divorce, a probate matter, or a foreclosure process and need to discuss the sale of your property, you can count on Madelin to be on your side.

Madelin is a licensed Realtor and Life insurance agent. Madelin is a devoted mother, grandmother, sister and daughter. Madelin’s favorite pastimes are fishing, boating, cooking, and traveling with her best friend, her husband.

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